How About Some Good Old-fashioned Customer Service? Please!!

How About Some Good Old-fashioned Customer Service? Please!!

It goes without saying that the communication industry is one of the most significant businesses on the planet. People have a need to communicate with one another and to stay in contact with their friends and family, regardless of where they live on the globe. We began by sending letters to anybody who happened to be traveling in that area, which eventually led to the establishment of a postal system. Because of the Internet, we have replaced snail mail with email and subsequently with instant messengers (chat programs).
However, it was evident that it was not enough. Rather than simply reading their words, we wanted to hear their voices. As a result of the efforts of brilliant innovators, we have moved from the telephone to the cellular phone and back again to making phone calls via the Internet.
Skype was one of the first companies to use this technology. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, as it is often referred to, has played an important role in bridging geographical boundaries between individuals. For many individuals, being able to wish their special someone a happy birthday on that very important day without having to pay the high rates that land line or mobile telecommunications companies demand each call means a lot.
Skype has been a fantastic service—one that has been much welcomed and enjoyed by everyone who likes voice chat over email or text message exchanges. It’s easy to use: just download the app, register, and encourage your friends to do the same, and you’ll be able to communicate for free! Who could possibly ask for anything more?


Skype, on the other hand, seems to have become a little too ambitious. It seems that once they were purchased by Ebay, things started to go bad quickly. They’ve introduced additional premium services like SkypeOut and SkypeIn, among other things. They are, without a doubt, excellent suggestions. This is one of the reasons why some Skype users who have been very satisfied with the free service have decided to pay the premium price.
Unfortunately, although they may be enhancing the capabilities of their products in order to attract new customers, they have neglected to provide enough support for their current consumers. Since I initially joined up, the quality of the service has worsened. Unfortunately, Skype does not seem to be concerned.
Having decided that I didn’t want to create any unnecessary controversy, I returned to the Sykes home page to see if there was anything I could do to remedy the issue. Welcomingly, they provided a support website with a troubleshooting tutorial, which I found quite useful. Unfortunately, even after carefully following all of the directions and recommendations, the computer was still not functioning correctly.
Normally, when this occurs, I contact the business to inquire for further help. As a result, I went on a search for a phone number where I might contact Skype’s customer support. Despite searching all over the website, I was unable to locate any phone numbers that I could contact. It sent me to a website that basically stated that I should read the assistance pages first before contacting them through email or phone. That was no issue for me since I had already done it.
According to the message, if I couldn’t locate the solution in their knowledge base, I should call their customer care team. I went ahead and clicked on the link for that, which took me to an online ticketing system for filing complaints. So I’m relieved that they’re documenting the complaints in black and white, as well as the fact that they seem to be processing them on a “first in, first out” basis. What irritates me is that absolutely nothing seems to be taking place at all.
I explained to them that I was experiencing some difficulties with the service. I stated how it occurs more often now that the individuals I call can hear me but I am unable to hear them in the midst of our discussion, which is frustrating. I inquired as to if they could kindly provide me with input on how to fix the issue. After submitting their form, I received their notorious acceptance message, which said, “If your question necessitates a response, we will respond to you within three business days.” What in the world is going on?!I believed that every client deserved to get a response, even if it was just a pointer to the appropriate section of the forum!
Skype has been so preoccupied with developing its new communication solutions that it has neglected to communicate with its current customers. Evidently, they have lost sight of the fact that providing excellent customer service is what will keep their database numbers growing. People will depart if they do not get the help they need; this is particularly true today, when the quality of the product’s service is decreasing.
Is the group now so large that it is impossible to communicate with them? Can I ask that they hire a couple of more people to help with the support requests? Is it too much to ask that they hire a couple of more people to help with the support requests? Or have they already strewn themselves so thinly that they are unable to afford to recruit any more employees? It’s no surprise that the service is starting to deteriorate.
Customer support at Skype is handled in a cold and indifferent manner, which I find very disappointing. I paid for SkypeOut, and I was invoiced for it, but it hasn’t worked correctly till this point. I submitted Skype a support request (through their website) as well as an email to the billing team’s email address, which they responded to (the address of which by the way I did not find on their website but through searching the web for other Skype complaints). I’m still waiting for a response from them. What a waste of resources!
What astonishes me is that Skype does not even provide a “live chat” feature or any other comparable help desk service so that consumers who have issues and who want to continue using Skype may communicate with someone in Sykes who can assist them. As a communication business, I would have expected Sykes to develop its own communication platform. Those few lines of software for customer support are a true gem!
After all, the site is clearly aimed at recruiting new users exclusively, so I shouldn’t be too shocked. Skype seems to be primarily concerned with generating ever-increasing amounts of money while also attracting ever-increasing numbers of users. They don’t seem to care if their customers stop using their services since they provide no support or maintenance services to them.
The most important guideline of every company, according to Skype, is to take care of your clients. In most cases, recurring business will generate more revenue for you than new subscribers would in the long term. It would be very beneficial to your company if you paid close attention to your subscribers and provided them with value for their money. Although I understand my dissatisfaction with the service….

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