Is Your Customer Service Bad?

Is Your Customer Service Bad?

In the past, I’ve been on the other side of the counter. Want to buy something or get something for your money? You are then met with rudeness, attitude, and a complete lack of respect for how hard you have worked for your money, so you don’t know what to do. The service is either very slow and the quality of the goods is poor, or worse, the company you are buying from has very strict rules about how to deal with customer issues.
When I run a business, I know that bad service costs money. Poor customer service reduces impulse purchases, reduces repeat business, causes fewer referrals, and harms customer relationships when people aren’t happy with the service. Each of these things is important in order to start a business in a competitive market. In a world where customers have a dozen or more choices, it is very important that you take great care to build your business.


Customer service is an important part of building your business. In these situations, think about how you would deal with the people.
  1. A $10 item was purchased by a customer who wishes to return it. There are no refunds. They have been to your store a lot. Do you return the item, or do you follow the rules? Make sure the customer knows your policy if you have to. You should always refund or exchange the product to their satisfaction.
  2. When customers come into your business, do you greet them warmly or not at all? At the very least, do you look at each other and smile? A warm and hearty “hello” will work in almost any setting. Each customer should do this. A smile would be the cherry on top.
  3. Do your employees say “thank you” and smile after each customer buys something from your store? People may hand the customer their bagged goods and say “next.” Thank you for… It’s just two words, and it only has eight characters. Let it be known. The goodwill and customer relationships that are built go a long way towards making things better for everyone. You look nice and friendly. Smile, and don’t forget to
  4. When customers come in, are you on the phone or talking to other people? It could be that the customer is your only thought. In a transaction, it is rude to do anything else than pay attention to your customer.
  5. A customer comes into your store and spends a lot of time reading product labels. No, you don’t leave the customer there to figure things out on their own. Most of the time, the customer will be alone. Help them. If they want to be alone, let them say so.
What do you think people do when they get good customer service? They become your fans and help your business grow by referring people to you. They become very loyal to you and only buy things like that at your store. Fantastic customer service is what makes people want to shop with you even if the price is higher or it takes a long time to get there. Even if your product or service isn’t as good as it should be, great customer service can help you make up for it. It gives you a huge, low-cost advantage over your rivals.
To make your customer’s experience better, you need to change yourself first. When you deal with customer problems, change your attitude. When making policy, be friendly and open-minded rather than stern and strict. To do this, you might have to convince yourself that you can afford to pay for good service. Do the math and you will find that it will be cheaper for you to take care of that customer now and build a long-term relationship with them. The best way to set a good example is to talk to customers on a regular basis and enthusiastically help solve problems.
Next, ask your employees to step up their game. Catch them doing a good job and give them a simple “thank you.” Always talk about how important it is to stand out with great service. People who work at your store should have a bulletin board where they can see the good things customers say about them. If a customer tells you something good, write down what they say and put it on the board. For employees who don’t understand what you’re trying to do, try to figure out why and help them with training, coaching, and counseling to get them on board.
Starting a good foundation for customer service starts with your next customer, so start with that one. Smile at them and say hello with a warm smile. Don’t waste your time with pointless small talk. Instead, go the extra mile and try to truly understand the other person.

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