Overdelivering Yields Significant Results.

Overdelivering Yields Significant Results.

Overpromising is only an issue when it results in underdelivering. In order to create a win-win scenario for you and your clients, there are a variety of ways in which you may overdeliver to them or their prospects. During this time, you will be improving your knowledge of a certain problem, adding another product or service to your company, or even expanding your degree of expertise in a particular field.
Consider the following scenario: you are a communications coach. A complimentary group call for your current clients might be something you want to think about offering. As a result of the discussion on this call, not only will you gain a better understanding of some aspects of your business, but it may also provide the raw material for creating top 10 articles, an e-book, or an online course, all of which could be offered as value-adds to your clients. To be sure, your customers will appreciate the chance to spend more time learning about your company-and at no additional expense to them!

What actions can you take right now to provide greater value to your potential and existing customers’ experiences?

1. Underpromise and overdeliver on your promises. Before you can even consider adding more value, you must first establish the framework within which you will operate. Never fail to deliver what you promise to deliver in the form of your products or services within the time frame that has been specified. Never let any loose ends hang around. However, when you do deliver to your customers, always go above and above to ensure that they are satisfied. Not only will this come as a pleasant surprise to them, but they will regard you as someone who is generous and who genuinely cares about their well-being as well. It may be as easy as giving a handwritten letter, or it can be any of a variety of different options that will be explored in more detail later. The most basic need of a human being is to be acknowledged. Consider the various ways in which you can express gratitude to others when conducting business.
Two, provide free assistance. One of the most straightforward ways to add value to your goods or services is to provide free or discounted assistance for your customers. You may offer phone or email assistance, or even a FAQ sheet that can be placed on your website, depending on your needs. This provides the client with the assurance that they will be able to follow up on any queries or issues that they may have in the future. The beauty of this is that, although only a small percentage of people will ever take advantage of it, by offering it, you may generate a significant quantity of positive customer feedback.
3. Make a lot of information available to the public. We all have a strong desire for knowledge and information. Please provide as much information about your products and services as you possibly can. On your website, you may post articles, special reports, and connections to other resources that you find useful. You have the option of writing the articles yourself or using those written by others with their consent. If you spend less than a half day researching, you could find a dozen articles and as many links to other informational websites to support your work. If you have articles of your own to share, that’s an added bonus for you. Your own articles may be included in your email signature, along with an autoresponder (a kind of email system that sends the article automatically and instantly), allowing others to get a copy of your work right away. A little investment of your time may result in excellent content for your website and the creation of a valuable resource for prospective and existing clients alike.
4. Create a free eCourse to share with others. It is extremely simple to create an eCourse. It is simply a series of short emails delivered via an autoresponder that are designed to teach a concept or series of concepts in an easy-to-understand manner to a group of individuals. You may simply take a top ten article or other material that you already have and “chunk” it into a series of 5, 7 or 10 courses that can be given over a period of days or weeks, depending on your preference. Each lesson consists of a brief explanation of the subject, an example, and perhaps some questions or resource links for further follow-up and discussion. An eCourse is set up using a technique known as an autoresponder, which is an automatic email system that sends courses at the intervals you define in your course. An e-course is the ideal “product” to promote in your email signature because it can be triggered by the recipient simply sending an email to a specified email address. From that point on, the lessons will be issued automatically, without any further action on your part being required. In order to get people interested in your future product or program offering, e-courses are an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise in that area of expertise. They are an excellent way to provide a tremendous amount of value with less than a day’s worth of effort to create a basic course, put it up for distribution, and then sit back and let it do the job.
5. The advantages of having a research and development staff. Allowing prospective and existing customers the chance to become members of and participate in your research and development team is another way to provide value to your organization. Your research and development staff may be put to use to put product or software ideas to the test. By soliciting input today, you may collect fresh ideas and determine which ones are useful and of value to others, as well as which ones are not. The benefit for the recipients is that they can have an impact on the types of products that are most appealing to them. Participants in R & D teams frequently receive special incentives such as coupons, discounts, or even a free sample of the product or program before it is made available to the general public, according to many people who have R & D teams.
6. Make free teleclasses available. Offering free teleclasses to prospective and existing customers is a wonderful way to build goodwill while also delivering useful information to those who attend. For newcomers, free teleclasses are a wonderful way to get a feel for who you are and how you operate. People who already do business with you view this as a wonderful bonus because it allows them to continue to receive the high-quality service that they have come to expect from you in the future. Teleclasses are a cost-effective and time-efficient value-added service that allows you to contact people all over the world. You might want to think about recording these classes and making the audio files available on your website for students to download.
7. Make free evaluations available. Offering evaluations are another way to add additional value to your offering. A significant benefit of assessments is that they provide additional information to the prospect or client. Provide valuable information, such as connections to other sites (or your own), references to beneficial organizations, or even the names of books to be read by your audience. In order to entice people to consider your various offerings, focus the assessment outcomes on the various products or services that you have developed over the years. People enjoy assessments because they can complete them in their own time and receive immediate feedback on their efforts. Also, consider bundling an assessment with a 15-minute complimentary consultation to allow you to build a stronger relationship with this prospect. ……..
8. Make a point of celebrating significant occasions in unique ways. The year is filled with hundreds of different holidays that are observed by people all around the world. Consider how you can tie something you’re doing into a forthcoming holiday and share that information with your customers. For example, if you’re a relationship coach, you may want to send out a special report the week before Valentine’s Day on how to celebrate the holiday properly. You could offer a complimentary teleclass to those who might be spending the day alone so that everyone can get together and talk. If you’re in charge of event planning, you might want to send out a special collection of easy-to-prepare recipes for special occasions such as the Fourth of July or the Super Bowl to your clients and guests. These are little gestures that may have a significant impact on your clients’ experience.
9. Give special treatment to long-term customers. According to some estimates, acquiring a new client may cost up to six times as much as maintaining an existing customer base. One of the most effective ways to preserve a positive connection with your existing customers is to recognize and thank them for their continued support. In order to thank them for doing business with you on a yearly basis, give them discount coupons for themselves or to give to a friend, free product samples, or other promotional opportunities at least once. This type of relationship building will go a long way toward establishing customer trust, and it will almost certainly result in a significant increase in the number of referrals. You may earn extra income from low-cost services like this, while also expanding your customer base with minimal work on your side.
10. Distribute the riches. If you develop new products or services in response to customer requests, devise a strategy for compensating the person or people who came up with the original concept. You could choose to compensate them by providing them with free access to your product or service instead. To express your gratitude, you may include a formal acknowledgement on your website, or you can give them a monetary or other present as a way of saying “thank you.”

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