The Laws Of Customer Service That Cannot Be Broken

The Laws Of Customer Service That Cannot Be Broken

Doing things that make you stand out from the rest of the pack is the only way to become the best customer service provider. Here are seven strategies to help you succeed.

Everyone should stroll down the red carpet

People despise being treated differently than others when they get subpar service. It makes them feel like second-class citizens and inferiors. According to Gary Richter, everyone, but especially those who don’t expect it, should be treated with the utmost respect. “If we give a millionaire a red carpet welcome, no one will notice,” I tell my staff. Millionaires have come to anticipate it. Those who can afford it would enjoy it if we provided it to them. They’ll tell everyone they know that we’re treating the rich like royalty if we do.

Take the time to learn about your customers

Many aspects of customer service have taken on a robotic quality as a result of our society’s increasing reliance on technology. One-on-one connections may be like gold to your clients if you can discover a way to get back in touch with them. Those were the days, says Kathy Burns, when people really cared and listened to you. When you were sick, the doctor would visit your house and check up on you. Some of you may remember this, while others may have heard tales about it. Alternatively, you may have heard that if you go to your neighborhood drugstore, the proprietor will welcome you by name and inquire about your well-being. They not only inquired, but they also listened intently to what you had to say and were eager to learn more. A company that cares about its customers and goes above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction may be said to provide excellent customer service.

Be easy to work with

In today’s enterprises, the technologies we employ to save time and money are typically designed for the advantage of the firm rather than the client. Thus, customers are subjected to a tough and tedious shopping experience. Tracey Lowrance believes this should be overturned. A single point of contact is expected by customers. A customer service representative can’t fix their issue if they’re relegated to every department of your company. They want you to be able to do business with them without experiencing any difficulty. It’s essential that you’re a pleasure to work with. “

Make sure they’re satisfied at all costs

A promise that your product or service will function is one of the most critical things your consumers desire from you. So do all in your power to see that it happens. According to Bob Leduc, you shouldn’t charge customers until they are completely satisfied. Instead of a money-back promise, a service company might give a guarantee to address the customer’s issue. For example, a plumber may promise to return as many times as required to fix the leak without charging. Plants that don’t live for at least six months may be replaced free of charge by a landscaper. “A sales consultant may work for free as long as the agreed-upon sales targets are met.”

Pay attention to what your customers are looking at

Customers form their impressions of you based on what they see and believe about you. Two confectionery businesses were compared using Personal Selling Power and found the following: The local youngsters favoured one candy shop over the other, despite pricing parity between the two rival establishments. Why? “Because the lady at the nice shop always gives us extra sweets,” they said when questioned. There is a female over there who robs people of their chocolates. “True?” Honestly, I don’t think so. Every time a modest bit of candy was placed on the scale, the shop owner would make sure to keep adding more until the scale read zero. The proprietor of the terrible business would put a large quantity of candy on the scale, then remove it until it reached the desired weight. “Perception is important,” even if sales were the same.

As a last step, focus on the customer’s whole experience

When a consumer uses a service or purchases a product, the customer’s experience doesn’t end there. Everything in between is what’s important. You can tell a lot about a business by how it is run, how well it is kept, how well it is run by its employees, how well it is run by its parking and how it is run by its notices. Be like the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, which has a motto that reads, “We spend 600 hours a week treating the plants.” What can you imagine for our guests? “

Believe in customer service with all of your heart and soul

You must have a deep belief in customer service in order to become a successful service firm. It must be a part of your daily routine. “I am still looking for the modern equivalent of those Quakers who ran successful businesses, made money because they offered honest products and treated people decently, worked hard, spent honestly, saved honestly, gave honest value for money, put back more than they took out and told no lies,” says Anita Roddick, founder of retail cosmetic franchise group Body Shop. Sadly, it seems that this corporate ethic has been lost to time.
Look around you, and you’ll find numerous instances of excellent customer service. Follow these seven rules of customer service excellence and you’ll join them.

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