Ups and Downs in the World of Business Networking and Marketing

Ups and Downs in the World of Business Networking and Marketing

Beautiful days have greeted us over the last few days, with near-perfect weather. While some of us are suffering from spring fever, many others are just dealing with elevated pollen levels. This time of year tells me that summer is approaching, and that things are going to calm down – particularly in the world of networking. I’d like to spend a few minutes talking about this pattern and what I think may be the root reason for it.
Let’s start with the autumn season. As the Christmas season approaches, we are working furiously to get new business opportunities since we anticipate that things will slow down over the holiday season. As the month of December approaches, some of us get concerned with holiday activities such as parties and shopping, and our focus shifts away from growing our businesses. Others find it more difficult to communicate when individuals begin to take lengthy holidays and are away from their homes.
Then the holidays come and go. We kicked our marketing and networking efforts into high gear, attending multiple meetings a week and attempting to rev things back up to full speed again. Business and earnings grow as a consequence of the greater exposure. Ever notice how things speed up in a frenetic manner in the first few weeks of February? Is it just you, or does it seem to happen to everyone at the same time? As a result, unless we are prepared for growth, we begin to scale back on our marketing activities as we rush to finish the work that has been created as a result of our marketing efforts.


As a result, we have effectively stopped networking. We lose touch with the people with whom we have been forming relationships and soliciting recommendations, and they begin to believe that we are no longer interested in them. As a result, when the target prospect comes along, they may seek someone else to recommend to them.
By the beginning to middle of summer, we are beginning to crawl out from under the weight of our responsibilities and are actively seeking new possibilities. Due to children being freed from school for the summer, holidays have unfortunately begun to take place once again. So it’s becoming more difficult to locate the connections who were out there right before our company started up again late last winter, as it was the first time.
The start of school in mid-August means that individuals are returning to the workplace and re-entering the network-building environment. Some of the same individuals who were there previously are there, but there are also a large number of fresh faces to be seen, which is encouraging. Our marketing efforts had slackened, and we were unable to be there to welcome the fresh faces as they began their new business venture. In order to welcome them, individuals who have a well-balanced networking and marketing plan are present.
These are the individuals that seem to have successful companies that are expanding. They have a marketing and networking strategy in place that is constant throughout the year. When many companies experience the new business rush that occurs in the spring, the owners of these businesses are prepared to absorb the new business by hiring new staff or hiring temporary workers. They understand that to sustain growth, they must be prepared for any economic boom that may occur, which may push their company to the next level of success.
So, how do we go about doing this? First and foremost, establish a growth strategy. Maintain an emergency response system in case you get more business than you can manage. This way, you may ask for assistance if necessary. This is accomplished via the development of connections with temporary staffing agencies, headhunters, and placement companies. If required, hire workers on a contract basis to complete the project. When things are a little slower, this saves money on benefits and salary payments. It also helps to minimize the quantity of paperwork associated with payroll processing and tax preparation.
After that, devise a reasonable strategy for networking activities. Set a limit on the number of meetings you will attend while business is just mediocre, and adhere to it when business begins to improve. Attend events throughout the year, including throughout the Christmas season.
Plan vacations when required, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that everyone will be on vacation just because it’s summer. Because most individuals have to make arrangements to suit the schedules of others, it is rare for whole businesses to go on vacation at the same time. If you look closely, you will see that bigger companies always have employees available to do business when an employee is on vacation. Also, keep in mind that big companies do not cease their marketing efforts just because it is the month of July or the month of December. They are constant throughout the year.
The lesson here is that if you want to develop your business into a big corporation, you should study what large corporations do. If they are successful, you should try to emulate them so that you can replicate their success. You must be continuously marketing, networking, and promoting in order to maintain a consistent level of business throughout the year. Choosing to take it easy now because business is booming can result in you having to work twice as hard to get things back on track when the fall season arrives. Assuming, on the other hand, that you continue to promote your business in the same manner as you did when things were tough, you should be able to see a significant increase in both your company’s revenue and your bank account throughout the year.

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